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Some days I hate the comics biz, but then I remember that I get to draw things like a dude uprooting a tree trunk, and it’s all better.

We’ve got some comics nerds and some treehuggers over here on the TEDx team, so this image from TEDxWaterloo speaker Scott Chantler just feels so right. Watch his talk on the language of comics here. It’s pretty fascinating.

"To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities." - Bruce Lee


If something’s too good to be true, it probably is…

" and if you think I’m oppressed
what does that make you?
I have a piece of cloth
wrapped around my head
while you have society’s rules
on beauty wrapped in your head

- Suhur Omar
(part of the poem I performed yesterday with my friend)

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nothing annoys me more than when teachers say “now i want you to work with someone you don’t normally talk to” because not only am i soul crushingly self conscious but there is a REASON I DON’T TALK TO THESE PEOPLE

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" I fucking held a lamb in a Robin Thicke video. And people were into it! "

- Pharrell (via gq)

Tunisian Fricassee 

  • on a math test: 2+2
  • me: use calculator just in case

Love Disney? This blog is absolute Disney magic :]

Benedict Cumberbatch photographed while shooting Sherlock by the paparazzi
Benedict you are perfect